My only goal is to create at least a bit of real value for the client every minute of my work.

Michael Segeťa

Lead analyst
and financial specialist

At Winternitz, Michael is in charge of analysing the potential of start-ups and financial management of the investment portfolio.

From 2018, he worked in the sister company AID Partners as an analyst and expert in the preparation of valuations and testing the potential of new projects. From there, he moved to Winternitz in mid-2019, where he validated the potential of start-ups and supported their development. Regarding M&A and transaction consulting, he focuses on the financial-accounting aspects of individual transactions and targeting.

Michael’s passion is start-ups, which he helps with the development and preparation for fundraising. Innovative technological projects in the field of industrial robotics and fintech start-ups are a matter of heart for him. But as he himself says, innovation is mainly about people – that is why it offers a helping hand to anyone who is trying to improve the functioning of our world.

  • Experience

    After four years of studying an economic and political science program focused on Eastern Europe at the British University College London, he returned to the Czech Republic, where he continued his studies at IES (Institute of Economic Studies) at Charles University. During his studies, he earned a second master’s degree at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, this time focusing on political science.

    The focus on the economic and political context of the global world brought him to the London branch of the prestigious globally present bank Morgan Stanley. There he participated in the management of the investment portfolio and prepared the financial parts of analyses for globally known transactions. In London, he also looked at the media company Bloomberg, where he honed his analytical skills to perfection with an internal team of experienced investment bankers.

    It was always important for Michael not only to take, but also to return — that is why he was actively involved in student unions and even today, he will find time to help non-profit projects. He thus chaired Model United Nations conferences or organized a fundraiser for children’s homes. When he is lucky and finds a moment in his calendar, he sets out to clear his head in the mountains, for example by going on a hike in the Beskydy Mountains near his native Ostrava region.