Success depends on devotion and fairness. I will always honestly tell you my opinion on how things are, and then I will find the smoothest way to reach the goal.

Ondřej Novák

Founding partner of Winternitz Investments

Ondra focuses mainly on the preparation of a strategy for M&A projects and the overall management of Winternitz Investments.

If the project has a chance of success, Ondra will meet the objective even if there are any obstacles along the way. He studied law at Charles University in Prague, then became a lawyer and continues to practice law. He has a deep-rooted business drive and is strongly target-oriented. Likewise, he found the meaning of his work in connecting people who can help each other, and in looking for synergistic partnerships. Ondra honestly enjoys negotiation, the best reward and fulfilment for him is client satisfaction in often once-in a lifetime transactions.

In addition to the M&A perspective, the advisor also offers its clients a profound understanding of the legal mechanisms on which every successful transaction stands. Thanks to this, he can correctly evaluate the factors influencing the valuation of companies and anticipate which issues need to be put in order before the final due diligence. If it means a real benefit for the project, it can bring renowned experts to the necessary area.

  • Experience

    After graduating from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague, he established his first company, the analytical and consulting boutique AID Partners, and at the same time devoted himself to his paralegal career. He always tried to utilize effectively his experience in business and legal consulting, which subsequently led him to establish the investment consulting company Winternitz Investments in 2015. The company focuses on investment and M&A, which very interestingly connects the world of law and business.

    Today, you will find more than two dozen concluded transactions and investments referencing his M&A boutique. Ondra effectively applied insight into the functioning of financial and business law and combined it with knowledge of the M&A transactions and investment projects. In addition to sales and purchases of business shares, he also specializes in advising on significant real estate transactions in the Czech Republic and abroad. In addition to Winternitz, he also engages in other work activities — he is a lawyer in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and AID Partners has celebrated 8 years of successful existence.

    Ondra has a passion for sports, both actively and in the field of sports law. He is a member of the Ground Jury of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, or a representative of disciplinary bodies of other sports federations. He also enjoys travelling and discovering new places, often in the company of his four-legged partner. Furthermore, he also enjoys volunteering, for example in the form of long-term work on the national board of the global organization CISV International.